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In need of help handling the closing of a family member's estate?

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Adoption is the gift of life.

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Birth mothers pay no costs

and we can help arrange for medical care and counseling.

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Thomas Taneff will be your partner in estate planning.

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Over 25 years' experience

in the practice area of surrogacy and reproductive law.

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Our goal is to obtain a speedy settlement of the estate.

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Columbus, Ohio Probate, Estate Planning & Adoption Law

At Thomas Taneff Co., LPA., we believe that our practice covers the life cycle. Through our adoption services, we are there for the birth mother who gives the ultimate gift of life by choosing to give her baby to a couple who can provide a loving and nurturing home. We then can assist adoptive families with their estate planning so that assets are passed on with ease when the time comes.

We are also here to guide families through the probate and estate administration process following the passing of a loved one.

We are honored when clients choose us for such important legal needs as adoption services or estate planning needs that so affect the quality of their lives. To discuss your legal concerns with an experienced attorney, contact our Columbus, Ohio, law firm today.

Estate Planning, Probate and Estate Administration

The laws governing estates can be confusing and tricky. Take a shortcut, or don’t prepare carefully for the future and you can leave your loved ones with unnecessary expenses, taxes or even a lengthy court battle. As a former Probate Court Magistrate in Franklin County Court, Thomas Taneff has presided over and ruled on numerous probate cases. Now he draws upon his unique background to effectively guide you through the estate planning and probate process. We work closely with our clients to implement and maintain effective estate planning, including:

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Powers of attorney, powers of attorney for health care and living wills

  • Guardianships or conservatorships

When a loved one passes on, we can help the family through estate administration as efficiently and effectively as possible so that the assets can be distributed to the beneficiaries and the family can move forward. However, when proper estate planning has not been implemented or a dispute arises, we can guide clients through probate or probate litigation matters. For experienced and thorough estate planning, probate or estate administration assistance, call (614) 241-2181.

Adoption, Birth Mother and Surrogacy

For more than two decades, Thomas Taneff has helped find loving and nurturing homes for thousands of children. As a former Probate Court Magistrate, he has heard adoption cases and ruled on them. His dedication and excellence in the field of adoption earned him the 2005 Congressional “Angels in Adoption” Award.

Thomas Taneff Co., LPA. carefully screens prospective adoptive parents and works closely with birth mothers who may then choose the perfect home for their babies. Thomas Taneff offers compassion, experience and the utmost level of competence in adoption services to hundreds of adoptive parents and birth mothers across the entire state of Ohio. Our firm also provides professional advice and guidance to families building their family through adoption or surrogacy.

If you are looking at adoption as a way to complete your family, or you are a birth mother choosing to give your child the gift of life, give us a collect call (614) 241-2181 at any time. We are available 24 hours a day, every day.

What is probate & how does it work?

When an individual dies owning property in his or her name, that property generally must go through probate. Probate is a legal procedure that establishes ownership of property in others. The probate system is designed to ensure the validity of a will, to give notice to all possible claimants of property and to resolve ownership disputes and rights. Probate courts also distribute property not covered by a will (intestate estates) according to legal defaults. Some property does not require probate to change hands: joint tenancy property and contractual arrangements such as insurance policies and retirement accounts generally go directly to the surviving joint tenant or named beneficiary without probate oversight. Probate also is not required for assets held in trust.

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How does a grantor choose a trustee?

The choice of a trustee is extremely important. The trustee owes beneficiaries a fiduciary duty to act in their best interests and usually receives compensation for trust management activities, so the grantor usually wants to make this decision personally. Many grantors choose family members or close friends due to personal confidence in those individuals, but others prefer professional trustee institutions because of staff expertise. A grantor should consider the burden posed by the trust’s administration, the compensation required by a trustee, and the particular needs of the trust. If a trustee is not specified in the trust document, then a court will appoint one, possibly choosing a trustee the grantor would not have chosen freely.

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What are some of the tax consequences of estate planning?

Many state and federal tax regulations impact estate planning, but a carefully crafted estate plan can reduce the tax burden on an estate and survivors. Both state and federal rules and regulations are extremely complex, and the advice of an estate planning attorney to maximize tax savings is highly recommended, particularly if an estate is likely to be substantial.

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How can a person change a will?

If a will is valid, it is effective until it is changed, revoked, destroyed, or invalidated by the writing of a new will. Changes or additions to an otherwise acceptable will can be most easily accomplished by adding a codicil. A codicil is a document amending the original will, with equally binding effect. Therefore, a codicil must be executed in compliance with applicable law, using the same formality as the original will. Wills cannot be changed by simply crossing out existing language or adding new provisions, because those changes do not comply with the formal requirements of will execution.

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How can a person leave property to minor children?

Generally, the law requires that adults manage children’s inheritances until the children turn eighteen. If a testator wants to leave property to children, it makes sense to name an adult to manage that property. Otherwise, a court will name someone to safeguard the property, a procedure that may delay speedy transfer of assets. There are several ways a will can provide for property management while heirs are underage.

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Columbus, Ohio Probate, Estate Planning & Adoption Lawyer

Columbus, Ohio Probate Practice

We will handle cases involving any probate administration or litigation issue, including the following:

  • Disputes of asset ownership
  • Will or trust contests and disputes
    (duress, fraud, undue influence)
  • Missing assets or concealed assets
  • Contested guardianships
  • Appointment of fiduciaries
    (executors or administrators)
  • Validity of transfers outside of probate
  • Suspicious real estate transfers
    (sales or gifts)
  • Whether you are looking to dispute a will or need help defending a valid will, our firm can help.
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Columbus, Ohio Estate Planning Attorney

Our philosophy is that everyone needs an estate plan. Such a plan is critical regardless of the size of your assets or your marital status. A carefully constructed, flexible estate plan is useful to avoid excess taxes and to ensure that your wishes are carried out. A will and trust are also critical if you have minor children. These documents will make clear who is to have custody of your children upon your death. This is important whether you are married or divorced. In nearly two decades of probate and estate administration practice, we have seen many families in distress at the passing of loved ones who did not leave them comprehensive plans for the handling of their estate.

  • Wills, Trusts & Power of Attorney
  • Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Estate & Gift Tax Planning
  • Probate & Estate Administration
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Recipient of the 2005 Congressional “Angels in Adoption” Award

Thomas Taneff is a private adoption attorney. He can assist prospective adoptive parents to locate a baby or assist parents to adopt a child they have already selected. In addition, a private adoption attorney can provide certain safeguards and advantages that an adoption agency can’t.

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Adoption is the Gift of Life

I have practiced adoption law for nearly 20 years now. Helping birth mothers find loving homes for their children is the most emotionally satisfying part of my legal practice. In 2005 I was awarded the U.S. Congressional “Angels in Adoption” award for my involvement in almost 2000 adoption matters. I am fully aware of the trust and confidence birth mothers put in me everyday and I have been committed to helping them find the right adoptive parents for their baby .

If you are pregnant and unsure what to do, I am here to help you look at all of your options. My staff and I are available everyday, all day.

Please call us collect at (614) 241-2181.

Representation in Ohio Guardianship Proceedings

Attorney Thomas Taneff can help families contest applications for guardianships, or file breach of fiduciary duty claims against a guardian that you suspect may have mismanaged or stolen funds. If you believe someone is trying to wrongfully seize assets from someone you love, or mismanaging their money you need an attorney to look out for your interests.

Thomas Taneff is experienced in litigation stemming from all aspects of guardianship law. Contact Thomas Taneff Co., LPA. to answer your guardianship questions today.

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Columbus, Ohio Surrogacy/Reproduction Law

Thomas Taneff Co., LPA. is committed to helping people expand their families. Thomas Taneff is one of the most experienced attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, and nationwide, in the practice area of surrogacy and reproductive law. In nearly 20 years of helping people, during an often difficult and emotional time, we have remained dedicated to your goal of growing your family.

We understand the various methods utilized in creating a loving and nurturing family and have continuously helped couples adopt. Because of our extensive knowledge of reproductive law, we are able to help many clients start families through Gestational or Traditional Surrogacy.

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