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At the Law Office of Thomas Taneff, we believe that our practice covers the life cycle. Through our adoption services, we are there for the birth mother who gives the ultimate gift of life by choosing to give her baby to a couple who can provide a loving and nurturing home. We then can assist adoptive families with their estate planning so that assets are passed on with ease when the time comes.

We are also here to guide families through the probate and estate administration process following the passing of a loved one.

We are honored when clients choose us for such important legal needs as adoption services or estate planning needs that so affect the quality of their lives. To discuss your legal concerns with an experienced attorney, contact our Columbus, Ohio, law firm today.

Estate Planning, Probate, and Estate Administration

The laws governing estates can be confusing and tricky. Take a shortcut, or don't prepare carefully for the future and you can leave your loved ones with unnecessary expenses, taxes or even a lengthy court battle. As a former Probate Court Magistrate in Franklin County Court, Thomas Taneff has presided over and ruled on numerous probate cases. Now he draws upon his unique background to effectively guide you through the estate planning and probate process. We work closely with our clients to implement and maintain effective estate planning, including:
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney, powers of attorney for health care and living wills
  • Guardianships or conservatorships

When a loved one passes on, we can help the family through estate administration as efficiently and effectively as possible so that the assets can be distributed to the beneficiaries and the family can move forward. However, when proper estate planning has not been implemented or a dispute arises, we can guide clients through probate or probate litigation matters. For experienced and thorough estate planning, probate or estate administration assistance, call (614) 241-2181.

Adoption, Birth Mother and Surrogacy

For more than two decades, Thomas Taneff has helped find loving and nurturing homes for thousands of children. As a former Probate Court Magistrate, he has heard adoption cases and ruled on them. His dedication and excellence in the field of adoption earned him the 2005 Congressional "Angels in Adoption" Award.

The Law Office of Thomas Taneff carefully screens prospective adoptive parents and works closely with birth mothers who may then choose the perfect home for their babies. Thomas Taneff offers compassion, experience and the utmost level of competence in adoption services to hundreds of adoptive parents and birth mothers across the entire state of Ohio. Our firm also provides professional advice and guidance to families building their family through adoption or surrogacy.

If you are looking at adoption as a way to complete your family, or you are a birth mother choosing to give your child the gift of life, give us a collect call (614) 241-2181 at any time. We are available 24 hours a day, every day.

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